Interboro takes human resources management to new heights

Productive time management has come a long way since Interboro Systems Corp. first installed its time clocks at businesses in Puerto Rico in 1969. “Today, we are light years ahead of the competition, offering our clients the most intuitive, technologically advanced and user-friendly solutions in human resources management,” said Juan Ignacio Gómez, the company’s sales director.

Over its long history of serving the time management requirements of the island’s public and private sectors, Interboro has introduced many innovations that have made human resources more productive and cost effective, Gómez explained. The company initially worked with engineers to help design automated timekeeping solutions, tailored to Puerto Rico’s unique labor law requirements, which were centered on Kronos’ timekeeper technology.

That technology has been taken to the stratosphere with the introduction of “Workforce Central 8,” a new Kronos platform that allows “employees and managers to focus on business goals without being limited by outdated systems and manual processes,” he noted. “We are now offering our more than 1,000 clients in Puerto Rico and the rest of the Caribbean the ability to manage their human resources with greater flexibility and productivity, even giving them remote, mobile access to the entire spectrum of concerns and solutions,” Gómez emphasized.

“The superior information technologies delivered by the Workforce Central 8 platform enables sectors of the economy that rely on labor intensive operations, such as retail, healthcare and tourism, to meet demand,” he said, pointing out that Interboro’s outstanding support structure gives its clients the ability to anticipate, identify and deal with the most pressing issues confronting human resources professionals in Puerto Rico and anywhere in the world.

Expert seminars offered

“Our internal resources, delivered by a professional staff of more than 55 experienced advisers, is further enhanced by the experts in human resources management that we bring to Puerto Rico periodically to inform our clients in the public and private sectors about the critical issues that human resources professionals must deal with in a very dynamic and rapidly changing work environment,” Gómez said.

Interboro offers five or six seminars for its clients in the public and private sectors in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean each year, according to Gómez, who pointed out that these dialogues, are invaluable to tailoring services to the real requirements of specific segments of the economy.

That same concern for the relevance of their programs to specific industry requirements led to the development of Workforce Central 8, which is designed to achieve better business outcomes in any operation.

“While the new system is helping managers accomplish outstanding results across the board, there are specific applications that are fantastic,” Gómez said. He cited the enhanced task-management applications, as well as the weekly forecasting features for the retail and hospitality sectors.

The exacting detail in forecasting human resources needs is most significantly established in the healthcare field, according to Gómez, who observed that advanced staffing and predictive scheduling can more accurately read fluctuating workload volumes. Grant and project-tracking metrics also provide new insights for the public service sector and the services and distribution industries, he added. “This is a unique way to measure how labor aligns with key metrics such as budget, planned hours and results to promote fuller resource and grant-fund usage.”

These, and other innovations, have been built into Workforce Central 8 “so that we can provide Interboro clients with the reporting and analytics functions that answer their critical concerns and interests in a way that works best for them, and in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible,” Gómez said.