Interboro offers the latest in Kronos' HR & Payroll Solutions.

From employee recruitment to payroll checks, Kronos' Workforce Central Human Resources & Payroll Solutions provides small and midsize businesses in Puerto Rico the advantages of a system used hy Fortune 100 companies, hut through a sensible and accessible investment.

"Kronos Workforce Central HR & Payroll Solutions provides realtime labor information so managers can track employees' time-worked status, labor costs, project & job status, leave & attendance matters, and trends analysis, while ensuring compliance with pay rules and regulations, leave requests and local requirements such as the Puerto Rico Treasury and Labor departments, as well as federal agencies, including OSHA [Occupational Safety & Health Administration]," said Juan Ignacio Gómez, sales director at Interboro Systems Corp., the local distributor of Kronos Solutions.

"As part of the most recent upgrade. Workforce Central 7, the HR and payroll elements of the system were also revamped, providing clients invaluable benefits for handling employee-related processes through one solution that helps companies control costs, minimize compliance risks and manage their talent."

Gómez explained that many HR departments are buried in manual, low-level administrative tasks that eat up time and lead to errors, which is often made worse as a result of the use of multiple, disparate systems.

The Workforce Central HR & Payroll Solutions puts into the hands of HR professionals such capahilities as the single-entry, single swipe of employee information into an automated, integrated solution that can lead to lower costs, time savings and a reduction in errors. Gómez added that effective management of HR projects can minimize compliance risks by providing a single reliable record of all employee information that can help clients during an audit. Furthermore, through the ability to manage talent provided by Workforce Central 7's HR tools, companies can better place employees in the tasks they perform best. "This leads to employee engagement, which is when employees feel they're an integral part of the company, and are motivated to give their best," Gómez said. "This engagement is augmented by the fact that Workforce Central HR & Payroll Solutions provides employees selfservice, with access to their personal information, and the ability to update profiles & benefits, review payroll information, request schedule changes, and sign up f^or training and other job tools." Gómez added that that through Workforce Central 7, employers and employees can access this information through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, which are already an essential tool for managers, supervisors and employees, and an even more valuable resource for companies.