Interboro's advanced software provides unprecedented efficiency.

In challenging economic times, businesses understandably search for cost-effective solutions and strategies that can keep them running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. These efforts can include resources the company may already have, such as human resources. The key is to find the right partner with the right solutions to make the most out of that talent.

"The right people with the right skills, at the right time, is one very valuable asset a company needs to operate to the best of its ability for it to be a source of cost effectiveness," said Juan Ignacio Gómez, director of sales & marketing for Interboro Systems Corp., the leading information technology solutions provider.

"The most recent version of Kronos' top solution, Kronos Workforce Central 7, allows managers and administrators to take into consideration employees' skills to effectively plan schedules and executing staffing changes," he said. "Thus, Kronos Workforce Central 7 ensures that companies have the right people on the right job when needed."

Gómez explained that in previous versions. Workforce Central tracked employee skills and certification expirations, but with the new Schedule-to-Skill feature in Workforce Central 7, organizations are now able to ensure each job and location is covered with the right employee skill mix, based on anticipated demand.

This, in turn, allows staffing managers to ensure that scheduled employees don't just have the right skills, but also the right proficiency level. Thus, this helps avoid situations such as when new employees may be working at the same time, while more experienced people, at higher pay rates, end up working together, when aggregated seniority isn't really needed. Meanwhile, the most skilled people can work during busier times or when the best salespeople are needed.

"In other words, Workforce Central 7 frees staffing managers from flipping through employee records to see if they have the right skills," Gómez said. Gómez added that Workforce Central 7 will help companies avoid having to make a tough decision that may lead them to sacrifice ease over functionality. However, in this search they may be tempted to choose savings over quality, as well as ease of use over functionality. "Kronos Workforce Central 7 is one such solution that helps clients tend to all those needs and challenges, with innovation in enterprise software that goes beyond the traditional focus of just delivering increased levels of functionality,"

Gómez explained. "It provides clients with top functionality in a complete, integrated solution designed into what we describe as 'Workforce Management Made Easier.'"

Workforce Central 7 expands on its alerting functionality to dynamically deliver timely and actionable information. Kronos' Workforce Central 7 sends alerts via text message or email, and with single-click navigation, allows users to quickly reach the right application so they can complete the task at hand and get back to their day, significantly adding to productivity improvements.

Since mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are already an essential tool for managers, supervisors and even employees. Workforce Central 7 is an even more valuable resource for companies. Alerts can also be configured to be delivered to a device or set of devices based on priority. For example, a high-priority overtime approval notice can be immediately sent to a manager's mobile device when the event takes place.