Interboro's Kronos for Healthcare: human-capital solutions.

To say a hospital is an operation where, at all levels, the right people with the right skills have to be where they are needed when they are needed, is an understatement. Hospitals are complex environments where workforce management & scheduling is a complicated process that must ensure the necessary people are available to adequately treat patients and oversee each division. Kronos for Healthcare, provided and serviced locally by Interboro Systems Corp., is a complete human-capital management solution designed to meet all requirements of today's complex healthcare organizations.

"Through Kronos for Healthcare, we offer hospitals a comprehensive, integrated suite of webbased applications, including human resources, payroll, time & labor, absence management, scheduling and analytics," said Juan Ignacio Gómez, director of sales for Interboro. "In the end, what all this means is having the ability to offer the best care to patients through effective time and human resource management."

Gómez explained that the Kronos for Healthcare solution features full integration of timecards and schedules, providing a unique view into the hourly labor expended, which is information available online, in real time. In addition, a whole-house staffing report is provided to allow managers to flex up or down, before asking an employee to work overtime, with configuration options available to alert managers of staff situations that don't comply with established policies.

"The fact managers can make informed decisions to ensure the right person is at the right place, and at the right cost, is just the beginning of the many benefits ICronos for Healthcare represents for hospitals," Gómez said. "By optimizing and administrating everything related to the workforce, and when staff members are satisfied with their management, as well as their pay and benefits, they are also going to provide better service to patients."

Kronos for Healthcare also features a scheduling engine that allows managers to select employees based on the best fit for a given shift, while applying rules to reduce employee selections that incur overtime, require certifications or other factors. In addition, the system allows for automated generation of best-fit schedules and call lists based on defined criteria, as well as giving employees the ability to apply for open shifts, swap shifts and manage shift preferences.

"These features allow managers and administrators to reach the appropriate skill mix to support quality care, while improving visibility and productivity, and increase staff satisfaction and simphfy reporting and compliance," Gómez said. Once a healthcare site implements the Kronos for Healthcare system, he said Interboro's staff supports training and use of the system at every level. "Since it is our objective to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, we are continuously focused on customer service and attention to details."

Serving companies throughout Puerto Rico since 1969, Interboro has 55 employees who provide complete, integrated solutions to help businesses manage all administrative and operational tasks related to workforce management. These tools include software solutions that manage human resources, payroll, time and attendance. 

The fact managers can
make informed decisions
to ensure the right person
is at the right place, and
at the right cost, is just
the beginning of the
many benefits Kronos for
Healthcare represents for
— Juan Ignacio Gómez, director of sales for Interboro Systems Corporation

Kronos Workforce Central, which is Interboro's main software suite, enables managers in all industries to staff, develop, deploy, track and reward their workforces. The suite's mobile features also allow employees to access features from their desktop, laptop and mobile units, such as smartphones and tablets. Gómez pointed out that these features help improve productivity by dramatically reducing interventions by the human resources department.