Interboro's solutions help clients stay on top of their operations.

One of the main guiding principles for Interboro Systems Corp., a leading solutions provider in the information-technology sector, which have made it a mainstay on the CARIBBEAN BUSINESS hst of Top 400 Locally Owned Companies, is the belief that companies don't have to compromise on expectations for great service.

"At Interboro and Kronos, we strongly believe that when it comes to controlling labor costs, minimizing compliance risks and improving workforce productivity, customers shouldn't have to trade functionality for simplicity," said Juan Ignacio Gómez, director of sales & marketing for Interboro Systems. "Our fully integrated solutions to automate all facets of a workforce's management processes help companies of all kinds eliminate error-prone manual methods to take full advantage of today's technologies."

As providers of Kronos Workforce Central 7, Interboro offers its clients the latest and most advanced resources to manage all administrative and operational tasks related to workforce management, including human resources, payroll, as well as time & attendance processes. The service is designed for manufacturing operations, healthcare providers, government agencies, retail and wholesale companies, financial institutions, insurance companies, the hospitality industry, and many others in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and the rest of the Caribbean.

Kronos Workforce Central enables managers to staff, develop, deploy, track and reward their employees, not only saving companies time and money, but also helping employees achieve their best results, empower managers and comply with local and federal labor laws.

Gómez explained that there are many reasons why Kronos is so poplar worldwide, with more than 30 million people using a Kronos system every day. For starters, its tools are easy to own and Interboro technicians can get companies up and running fast, so firms can start saving money sooner. It is this combination of Kronos' top solutions and Interboro's experience and professionalism that have made Interboro a leader.

"Our goal is to provide continuous value through our partnerships, along with innovative and educational ways to help our clients work smarter," Gómez added. "We are the right partner with the right solutions to make the most out of that talent. At Interboro, we provide the tools that help an operation have the right people with the right skills and at the right time. This is a valuable asset a company needs to have to operate to the best of its ability and achieve cost-effectiveness," he said.