Interboro's Kronos helps transform labor into an advantage

The caregiver-patient relationship is at the core of one’s healing process, and no matter how simple the treatment, from a teaspoon of medicine to a major surgery, the interaction between medical staff and their patients is a constant element. Just as technology has allowed healthcare facilities such as hospitals, as well as physicians, nurses and other health­care professionals, to access resources that help in that healing process, technology also provides tools and resources that can strengthen the caregiver-patient relationship. One such resource is workforce management automation. 

“Through the automation of workforce man­agement, patient-service providers can enhance that relationship between patients by having the right people at the right place at the right time” said Juan Ignacio Gómez, sales direc­tor of Interboro Systems Corp. (ISC), a leader in providing companies of all sizes with the automated tools they need to effectively man­age resources and minimize compliance issues.

“The automation of workforce management also makes a difference in terms of cost-effectiveness, one of the greatest challenges faced by the healthcare industry.” 

Interboro Systems Corp. knows a thing or two about harnessing the power of technology and placing it at the service of their clients, especially in the health­ care sector. Kronos for Healthcare, which is supplied and supported by Interboro Systems Corp., is the most comprehensive integrated solution avail­able in the market, with a totally integrated suite of web-based applications that provide healthcare organizations everything to ensure the right staff members are in the right place at the right time. According to a study by Health-Leader, a leading industry media outlet, while 80% of patient-service providers, such as hospitals, reported having automated or semi-automated systems for time attendance and payroll, and 50% reported using automated solutions for labor, productivity and schedul­ing, only 27% have automated systems for staffing and absence management, and just some 15% reported having automated methods for determining patient-staff assignments. 

“This is much more than just the convenience of automation but a transformation of labor— representing a healthcare facility’s largest con­trollable expense—into a competitive advan­tage” Gómez said. “With Kronos for Health­ care, we are able to provide the healthcare sector a complete human-capital management solution designed to meet all requirements of today’s complex healthcare organizations.” 

With Kronos Healthcare, clients are able to instantly capture actual time worked, improve payroll accuracy, and apply complex work and pay rules to reduce unnecessary error. Thus, it is no surprise that more than 3,000 hospitals and 6,000 long-term-care facilities use Kro­nos to control labor costs, minimize compli­ance risks and improve workforce productivity while also supporting quality.

Interboro also gives healthcare facilities a choice of the company’s Cloud Services. Gómez explained that while this service is optional, most clients discover that Interboro’s Cloud Services are much more than just stor­age. Interboro Cloud Services are an advanced solution that not only eases pressure on an institution’s information-technology resources but also provides the ability and advantages of hosting workforce-management solutions at one of Interboro’s secure remote facilities, with guaranteed availability 24/7, without having to purchase additional hardware, operating systems or database licenses. 

“Most healthcare facilities are aware that labor is their largest controllable expense, yet many don’t know how to turn their workforce into a competitive advantage” said Gómez, adding that nearly 60% of a hospital’s operat­ing expenses are related to labor. “With Inter­boro and Kronos, healthcare facilities can count on true partners, who will help them not only achieve that transformation, but also maintain it and make it a solid factor in their growth and success.”

This is much more than just the convenience of automation but a transformation of labor—representing a healthcare facility’s largest controllable expense—into a competitive advantage.
— Juan Ignacio Gómez, sales director of Interboro Systems Corp.