Interboro’s sales team keeps clients in time

Interboro Systems Corp.’s (ISC) leadership in providing companies of all sizes the automated tools they need to effectively manage resources and minimize compliance tasks has one added value and an essential reason for the company’s success: Interboro’s sales team. 

“Payroll, human resources, time and attendance, cloud, employee identifications, you name the need, and we not only have solid, ever-evolving and risk­ free solutions for clients but also the dedicated and experienced professionals who will help find out what is the best solution for our clients” said Juan Ignacio Gómez, sales director for Interboro Systems Corp. 

“With Kronos, our main solution, and with this great team of dedicated professionals at all levels, we have our salespeople who are essential in making that connection with clients, where a solid working relationship can develop” Gómez said. 

Kronos Workforce Central 7 enables managers to staff, develop, deploy, track and reward their employees, representing savings of time and money, while helping employees achieve their best results, empowering managers, and helping comply with local and federal labor laws. 

More than 30 million people use a Kronos system every day with its easy-to-own tools, and Interboro technicians who get companies up and runningfast. Kronos is considered a risk-free solution because of its stability in the marketplace and worldwide presence, with new updates of software every 90 to 120 days. These updates allow for software compatibility and compliance with new server and desktop operating systems, with more features and functionality than any other solution in the market. 

“We will continue to create and strengthen partnerships with our customers, establishing long­ term relationships that continually offer value-added benefits and make us the right partner with the right solutions to help clients make the most of the valuable talent within their organizations” Gómez said. “We’ll be right there, ready to assist our customers, whatever their needs may be.” 

Interboro’s workforce has been essential in helping clients address and capitalize on the most noticeable market trends in the industry, such as cloud services, because of the obvious advantages they provide. 

“With Interboro, these advantages are multiplied by the advanced solutions and top providers that place those solutions at the service of company’s clients” Gómez said. “Our flexible Cloud Services enable our clients to achieve higher performance and system availability so they can unlock the value of their workforce-management solutions while focusing on their core businesses, as well as taking the pressure off their IT team by leveraging the expertise of our technical professionals.” 

Through Cloud Services, clients can host their workforce-management solutions at one of Interboro’s secure remote facilities, with guaranteed availability 24/7, without having to purchase additional hardware, operating systems or database licenses. “Clients gain peace of mind knowing that experienced technical consultants are managing their systems” Gómez added.

All in all, Interboro’s solutions allow clients’ managers and administrators to have the right people with the right skills and proficiency at the right time. This is a very valuable asset that companies need so they can operate to the best of their abilities, and because it is a source of cost-effectiveness, which is a more-than-welcome benefit in these challenging economic times. Therefore, invite one of Interboro’s workforce management experts to explore new ways to manage and control your organization’s labor costs.