Vice President Interboro Systems Corp. 

As V.P. of Interboro Systems Corp. (ISC), a leader in the human-resources time-management field in Puerto Rico, Alberto Scandella has been setting the company’s course into the new millennium by widening the firm’s range of resources and promoting the development of new products. 
“This constant diversification and expansion in terms of services and products has been our hallmark in Puerto Rico” Scandella said. “Our success is based on a very simple value: We offer the best solutions that specifically answer the requirements, needs and demands of our clients.” 

The story of Scandella mirrors that of Interboro Systems Corp. in Puerto Rico. A native of Argentina, he arrived in Puerto Rico in 1969 via New York, and began as a salesperson at the company. At the time, the firm had only one employee with technical capabilities and was housed in 150 square feet of space at Stop 18 in the Santurce sector of San Juan. 

Today, the company’s headquarters are located in its own five-story ISC Building on 206 San Jorge Street in Santurce. The firm has also grown, counting on 55 employees in the administration, sales, technical support and client-service departments. 

From Santurce, the Interboro Systems Corp. team led by Scandella is constantly searching for the best time-management solutions for their clients in the manufacturing, healthcare, government, retail, wholesale, hospitality, banking and insurance sectors in Puerto Rico, as well as the rest of the Caribbean. 

“As an operation, we remain as fine-tuned as the top-quality advanced time-management products that we provide to our clients” he said.