Interboro’s Kronos gives companies an edge

As a leader in providing companies of all sizes with the automated tools they need to effectively manage resources and minimize compli­ance tasks, Interboro Systems Corp. continues to be at the forefront when it comes to the latest human resources (HR) trends. “Hot topics these days are talent recruiting and management, with the traditional ways of looking for new people becoming obsolete” said Juan Ignacio Gómez, sales director at Interboro. “Rather than just plac­ing ads in the newspaper and processing applica­tions, HR departments are now combining social media and management tools for a more in-depth evaluation of each candidate.” 

He explained that this no only includes deter­mining an individual’s cuirent contribution to a company, but how effective that person will be in the long run. “Puerto Rico’s workforce is reducing and everybody wants good people” he said. “So not only do the candidates have to be effec­tive and productive right away, but companies also don’t want to waste time on turnover.” 

In order to help companies with this increasingly complex process, Interboro provides a number of effective and easy-to-use systems. This includes Kronos Workforce Talent Acquisition, a revolu­tionary cost-effective hiring solution that turns hiring into a measurable process by allowing employers to find the best candidates based on customized criteria, such as resume keywords, work backgrounds, education, etc. “This system is ideal for both low-and-high-volume hiring as it not only comes preconfigured with a company’s positions, locations and prescreening questions, but also allows hiring managers to share applicants across multiple locations as well” said Gómez. 

On the applicant side, candidates will also have a positive experience. “In addition to giving can­didates a convenient way to upload their resumes and apply for a position online, the system also has a mobile feature that lets them do it from most mobile phones and tablet devices” he said. “That way they can apply at their convenience and from any location at any time.” He added that candidates have the option of using the mobile-optimized site or switching to the fill, site view. 

Workforce Hiring Analytics is another feature of the Kronos Workforce Talent Acquisition system, which provides corporate managers, field managers and recruiters with a real-time view of their hiring decisions. Through ad hoc reporting, customizable graphs and charts and fully interac­tive dashboards, they can determine whether they are receiving enough applicant flow at specific locations, if recruiters and/or hiring managers are meeting compliance requirements, how long it is taking to fill a position, and how the company compares with others in the industry. The tool also allows them to determine which sourcing strategies are the most effective, such as advertising, employee referrals, job fairs and hiring events, etc. “This module provides immediate access to data that addresses these types of ques­tions and so much more” added Gómez. 

Once quality candidates are hired, companies also want to be able to effectively manage this talent, which is becoming increasingly important as well. “It takes time and it’s a real challenge managing and evaluating each employee to assess areas where the individual can develop further within the workforce and become more valuable to the company” he said. “Fortunately, our HR products fit very well with this need in a number of ways.” 

Gómez pointed out that Kronos Workforce HR, which is part of the Workforce Central system, offers a wide range of solutions in a single data­ base which includes benefits and compensation management, performance management, train­ing tracking, compliance, reporting and other related features. “Not only does the system help HR define different types of evaluations and criteria for different groups and departments, but it is automated so the information can be combined in a number of useful ways” he explained, adding, “that way, companies can get to the heart of the matter to analyze, diagnose and resolve workforce challenges while at the same time con­trolling budgets, and managing staffing, training, turnover and health and safety concerns.” 

For those at the SHRM convention interested in learning more about these innovative solutions, Interboro will be hosting Booth #40, where visi­tors can see demos of the products as well as what other companies have done with them. “Our sales team will also be on hand to answer any questions and explain the numerous benefits Kronos applications have to offer” added Gómez.