Interboro’s advanced human resources and payroll solutions add an edge to client operations.

In these challenging economic times, businesses are in constant search of striking that balance between making the most of their human capital and cost effectiveness. At Interboro Systems Corp., clients find exactly those resources that more than manage, help empower their employers and their workforce, while controlling labor costs and minimizing compliance risks. Such is the case with Kronos Workforce HR and Kronos Workforce Payroll, both an integral part of the wide suite of Kronos Workforce Central 8, Interboro’s signature product, renowned for its applications for time and attendance, scheduling, absence management, hiring and labor analytics, among others. While Kronos Workforce HR automates administrative processes and provides clients with the ability to access the right information when needed, helping to reduce errors and enforce policies in a consistent manner that adds to a business’ growth, Kronos Workforce Payroll helps manage all the complex information for the administration and complete payment of wages, bonuses and other forms of compensation.

“Our growth is due to the fact that we provide a very easy to use, yet advanced and relevant solution to companies that help them address the areas of human resource and payroll,” said Juan Ignacio Gómez, sales director at Interboro. “These are solutions that are in constant development and thus answer to the ever evolving demands of these areas according to the needs of each client’s line of business.”

The integrated Kronos Workforce HR and Workforce Payroll solutions provide clients with control and flexibility that help them increase efficiency and improve decision making for more effective workforce management. Through the whole cycle of an employee - from hire to termination - Kronos Workforce HR and Workforce Payroll offer complete control over the creation, collection and protection of employee and payroll information. In fact just the payroll solution includes more than 150 standard reports, which allows employers to control the use of that information. Not only this means that businesses may free themselves from reliance on payroll service bureaus, but also fully control implementation of payroll procedures, that in turn represent significant savings. 

“Empowerment of both employer and employee are essential aspects of Kronos solutions, providing access to both benefits and pay information, for example, and connecting employers to employees and vice versa,” said Gómez, adding that mobile capability gives employers and employees access to information whenever they need it and whenever they might be. “Our ability to provide the right information through a technologically advanced yet very user-friendly solution has set us apart from our competition and continues to secure our position as leaders in the market.”

One service within the Kronos Workforce Payroll solution that exemplifies Interboro’s commitment to address the specific needs and requirements of clients is the company’s Tax Filing Services, through which Interboro handles clients’ tax processes related to payroll. Interboro’s Tax Filing Services provides the advantage of, for a fixed monthly charge, working with a single vendor for an end-to-end payroll solution. This service features seamless data integration, no data transmission, which represents no waiting time for response, and a faster processing time.  First, the client processes payroll in four easy steps, which include transferring data from T&A (time and attendance), verifying and approving the payroll batch, calculating the payroll gross-to-net, and finalizing the payroll process. Then, when the client finalizes the payroll process Interboro receives an alert and carries on with the rest of the process, with Interboro Tax Filing Services initiating wire funds for transfer from clients, such as net pay, tax deposits, printing checks/vouvhers, vendor payments and quarterly and annual tax filing. Interboro offers this service for clients in Puerto Rico and from Puerto Rico to clients in the 50 states of the U.S. as well as the U.S. Virgin Islands.

“Services such as our Tax Filing Services are a natural progression for our clients that have time and attendance and payroll solutions, especially when they are in search of process improvements that represent less time and more efficiency,” said Gómez.