Interboro Sales Team Always Put Time On The Client’s Side.

For more than 45 years Interboro Systems Corp. (Interboro) has transformed their clients’ operations in Puerto Rico by providing the most advanced and relevant human workforce management solutions. Essential in this endeavor is a dedicated and experienced sales team who work side by side with clients to identify and implement the resources that best fits their needs with tools to control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity, such as their exclusive Kronos Workforce Central 8, the latest version of the company’s signature solution.

“The sales team is essential for our company’s success; they meet with the client firsthand to identify their needs and prepare an action plan taking those needs into account,” said Juan Ignacio Gómez, Interboro director of sales. “Also, our sales team is integrated with our implementations and service departments to offer our customers the best experience from the beginning and assist them every step of the way.”

Interboro’s sales department is composed of 10 people including the Sales Director, Pre-sales Consultant, Client Managers, Sales Assistant, Marketing Coordinator, and a Dominican Republic Account Manager. Gómez explained that Interboro’s sales team works to create a bond with the client since that first meeting, which is strengthened throughout the process of the implementation of solutions. Afterwards the team remains in constant contact with the client in order to provide any additional service they might need.

“Our sales team has extensive experience and expertise in technology. They are experts in the fields of Human Resources and Payroll, Time and Attendance, Cloud services and everything related to the workforce laws and regulations,” said Gómez. “Interboro’s sales team is distinguished by its capability to understand the client’s needs and make them a priority. We are continually learning about new technology and applications that will improve our customers’ needs.”

Among challenges currently faced by clients is the fact that technology is always changing and new and improved ways to do things emerge every day. Thus, it is essential for clients to keep abreast of these changes especially when it comes to workforce management. Luckily, in Interboro clients have a partner that is always on top of things when it comes to identifying and developing solutions in tune with the changing demands regarding this field.

“In our case, we are continuously updating our solutions to incorporate our customers’ needs and changing requirements,” said Gómez. “These updates help the software maintain its compatibility and compliance with new server and desktop operating systems.”

Among these solutions provided by Interboro is Kronos Workforce Central 8, which allows the customer, its managers and employees, to access via mobile apps, and tablets all the information required to approve and close a payroll cycle, among others. In addition, employees could also access their data through these apps, thus avoiding misinformation and reducing manual processes in general. 

Gómez explained that Interboro’s goal would continue to be the constant development of strong partnership with clients, “strong working relationships through which we can offer solutions that add value to their operations.”

“These are solutions that help make their human resource component a valuable asset in their organization, allowing clients’ managers and administrators to have the right people with the right skills and proficiency, at the right time,” said Gómez.